Tech Support for a Brazilian Nun

There is an elderly Brazilian nun studying at Wisma Bahasa with me.  I saw her on the first day – she stands out.  She is white so I assumed she spoke English, but then at lunch she was sitting at the computer next to me having some trouble.  She caught my attention by pointing at her screen and frowning.  “Selamat siang,” I said. “Selamat siang.”

I realized that she was trying to access her Yahoo mail account, but it was stuck in English and she couldn’t read well enough to change it back to Portugese.  What could I do but help a sister out? (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Easiest good deed ever.

Neither of us speak much bahasa, but it’s the best tool we’ve got for communication.  It is limited.  So far I know 1) she is Brazilian and 2) she has already been here in Yogyakarta for 2 months.

I’ve never met a nun before.  We just don’t hang out in the same places.  I never would have guessed my first interaction with one would involve Yahoo email and exchanging “good days” in Indonesian.


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