Word of the Day: Amplop

“A” as in father, “o” as in open.

Say it out loud.  Any guesses?

It means “envelope”. I laughed the first time I said it.  Can anyone reading confirm that this is how kids mispronounce envelope?


2 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Amplop

  1. Andy, I can’t “confirm” it but it certainly sounds plausible. I really enjoy reading your blog and have passed it along to some of my family members. I love that a nun is traveling to Indonesia and learning to speak a new language. Nuns have come a long way!
    A question off the subj. of your adventure. We were at your house a while back and the juggling balls came out. Sam said to ask you where you found them because he didn’t know.
    venture on…Peg

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