Bahasa Book 1A

Four days ago, I embarked on a journey called Bahasa Indonesia Book 1A.  Today, emotions ran high as I proudly completed that journey.

Book 1A’s fifteen grueling lessons covered introductions, the alphabet, questions, colors, negation, numbers, time, birthdays, food, prepositions, bargaining, directions, taxis, and the post office.  In that order.

Four days is not a lot of time to practice, but hey, at least now I’ve got it up there somewhere.  I still can’t understand what people are saying on the streets around here, but it’s comforting to know that if I were stranded on a desert island with an Indonesian we could make friends by comparing favorite colors, arguing over the price of bananas, and making pithy observations such as “The ocean is underneath the sky”.

Bring on Bahasa Indonesia book 1B.


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