Walk in Yogya

With all of my studying, I haven’t had much time for photos lately. However, I did take a few on my first walk to class a week ago.  I walked three miles from near the Tugu train station, my longest exploration in Yogya so far. I’ve really been holed up in my room but that will change drastically after my last class tomorrow.

I’m experimenting with some new techniques on my blog today. Below I hope you will see a google map, but you may only see a link to a google map because that’s what I see in the preview of this post. Fingers crossed it will look right when it goes live. I’m also hosting my own photos instead of using Flickr as I have in the past, since I was nearing Flickr’s 200 photo limit for a free account. It’s $25/year for an upgrade! Next nothing for everyone with jobs out there and well worth Flickr’s services, but that’s big bucks for me now. Hosting photos myself is more complicated and takes longer, and you can no longer click on the photos to see them on Flickr, but that’s fine with me. Time I have, money I do not.

So if this works right, you are looking at a map of Yogyakarta with lines showing my walking routes to class and markers for personal places of interest like Anda Losmen (where I stayed the first night), Homestay Heru (where I’m staying now), and Wisma Bahasa.

View Yogyakarta Walk in a larger map


View down the alley toward Anda Losmen


Garbage Truck


Yellow road block for train tracks, train station in the distance.


Just a bit up the road from that last one, looking back at the train station.


Construction site with mosque in the distance. Did I mention this walk was just after sunrise?


Here is the monument that the Tugu train station is named after. Not sure what it's a monument to.


Houses near the river (river is to the right out of frame).


Gunung Merapi in the distance. Hoping to climb that bad boy in a few days.


One thought on “Walk in Yogya

  1. Hi Andy! Thanks for the update. I didn’t get the map, just the llink, but it worked perfectly, so I could match the photos with your walk. Let us know when you climb that mountain. Love, Mom

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