Still in Dieng

I tried a new internet cafe this time.  As far as I can tell, there are three in Dieng.  This one has chairs, but the ‘e’ on my keyboard is unresponsive without a truly solid whack.  I’ve written a couple of emails already so I’m getting the feel for it.  If normal typing sounds like the giant rat we saw in our restaurant last night running pitter-patter accross the floor, my typing now sounds like that rat if it were blind, thumping into chair legs and walls every few seconds.

I’ve been spending the last two days with an excellent Canadian couple, both veteran travelers.  One is a photographer and the other an artist.  Together we saw most of the interesting sights within easy walking distance of Dieng village: the temples and the colored lake Telaga Warna. We also ate most of our meals together in the single relatively western-friendly restaurant in town, and spent even more time there riding out the unpredictable rain showers that are par for the course here high in the mountains.  They’ve moved on to lower elevations now, so I have a couple of days to myself to explore the more remote volcanic features and mountain peaks.

I have some photos but it would be a pain to upload them at an internet cafe.  I’ll wait until I’m back at a wi-fi friendly location. There is supposed to be a great panoramic view from near Dieng of some of the familiar Central Javan volcanoes: at least Sumbing and Sindoro, and maybe all the way out to Merapi and Merbabu.  But, I’m still hoping for a clear morning to see it.

Looks like the rain stopped, and this ‘e’ key is not fun – I’m out of here!


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