Harau Valley Teaser

Everyone already knows I spent the last week in the Harau Valley. But when I first went there, I was just planning a day trip with P and A, not even overnight. What I saw was amazing.


I got better photos later, but these are the cliffs you see throughout the Harau Valley jutting out of the rice paddies. Seeing these on the first day, I REALLY wanted to find a way to climb to the top and look down on the valley, but we didn't have time.


A waterfall, right next to the road with vendors selling snacks and drinks all around.


Gibbons high in the trees near the waterfall. Gibbons are monogamous and I am told that each pair defends a territory of about 50 acres. The pair we saw was making loud whooping noises, each very distinct from the other. Apparently this signals to other gibbons that the territory is claimed by a pair. Unfortunately, this was the best photo of gibbons I got all week, but I heard them every day from a distance and caught glimpses of them swinging through the trees.


On the way back from the Harau Valley, we stopped at a village to meet one of A's friends. Here she is with her mother. P and I teased A about visiting his 'girlfriend', but they're really just classmates. Here she is with her mom.


And here is her niece, very shy compared to A's budding model of a niece.


3 thoughts on “Harau Valley Teaser

  1. What a place! Love the rice paddies with the cliffs, the horizontal green and the vertical rocks. Amazing contrast. The scale of the place compared to the people on the valley floor is striking.

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