Krabi Town

I got off to a strong start in Krabi Town by taking a boat tour including snorkeling and kayaking around the stunning limestone cliff islands and lagoons.


Snorkeling was fun, but the coral in Thailand is all dead due to an increase in ocean temperature in the last several years. Lots of fish, but the coral is sadly grey instead of colorful.


Oh yeah, this is Krabi.




Look at all the travelers; what a welcome change. After isolation in the Harau Valley, I was ready for socialization.


Lunch and swimming on the beach.


We began our kayak trip from this beach on Hong island. I wasn't brave enough to take my camera on the kayak, but trust me, it was fun.


I met a very fun group on the boat, four fun-loving Scots traveling with one Irishman. We all stayed at the same hostel and this day of boating was just the first of many good times we had together. Here they are enjoying the water.


Mangrove trees in the lagoon on Hong island.


This was taken in the lagoon, completely surrounded by island cliffs except for that gap behind me. Beautiful, and really impossible to capture in a photo.

Later after the boat tour, I checked out the market in Krabi Town.


So much good fooooooood in Thailand.


Those yellow things are plum sized mangoes, as I found after I bought some out of curiosity.


Not as excited about these fishy food options. A little creepy.




Liquid items are often sold in plastic bags here, cheaper than other containers.


This fruit looks dangerous.




Streets of Krabi Town.


A longtail boat on the Krabi River with the iconic twin hills behind.


6 thoughts on “Krabi Town

  1. Proud to get a mention in such a great blog Andy. Love reading this. Hope all is well in China. And don’t forget to take a trip to Japan if you can.

    • Chris, glad you got a chance to read my blog. I’m back home now after some great times in China. It would have been amazing to visit you in Japan and I was thinking about it again as I boarded the plane out of Hong Kong, but it just wasn’t the right time on this trip. Let me know if you ever visit the states, it would be great to see you again.

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